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Saturday 6/23/2012 : Currently, the last known sightings of missing millionaire Guma Aguiar are from our Port Fever archive. Both our SD and HD cameras caught what's believed to be his 31ft Jupiter "TT ZION" as it crossed the port bound for sea at 7:20pm Tuesday evening. There have been no confirmed sightings of Guma Aguiar since that time. Only the discovery of his abandoned boat on Fort Lauderdale beach. Port traffic was very light at that time due to bad weather conditions. Our archive timestamps fit the timeline for departure from his home, as indicated by household video surveillance footage released by police.

Our webcam captures are included below:

Guma Aguiar on the Port Everglades SD Webcam

Guma Aguiar on the Port Everglades HD Webcam

These images have been provided to Ft Lauderdale Police Department who are investigating the disappearance of Mr. Aguiar.

TT Zion being towed under the 17th Street Causeway Bridge by SeaTow early the next morning:

TT Zion on the Fort Lauderdale HD Webcam

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